What Is A Guard Tour System?

What Is A Guard Tour System?

What Is A Guard Tour System

Why Do We Need A Guard Patrol System?

Guard tour system, designed to enhance security and monitoring efficiency, encompass a broad range of functionalities tailored to various operational needs. These systems are integral to ensuring that security personnel perform their duties effectively and that critical areas are inspected regularly. The comprehensive functionalities of patrol systems include:

Automated Check-ins

Utilize technology such as RFID, NFC, QR codes, or GPS to automatically register the presence of patrol personnel at designated checkpoints without manual input, ensuring accurate and timely patrols.

Real-time Monitoring

Offer live tracking of patrol personnel’s locations, enabling command centers to monitor patrol activities in real-time, enhancing response capabilities to incidents or emergencies.

Data Logging and Reporting

Automatically record patrol data, including time, date, and location of each checkpoint visit, providing a verifiable audit trail of patrol activities for analysis and compliance purposes.

Incident Reporting

Allow patrol personnel to report incidents or anomalies directly through the system, often with the capability to attach photos or notes, facilitating immediate action and documentation.

Man-down Functionality

Critical for ensuring the safety of patrol personnel, this feature detects if an officer has fallen or become immobilized, automatically alerting the command center or designated responders to potential emergencies, thereby facilitating rapid assistance.

Route Optimization

Some systems can suggest or mandate specific patrol routes, optimizing coverage and efficiency based on historical data, risk assessment, or incident frequency.

Durability and Adaptability

Especially in systems using RFID or contact-based technologies, the components are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation in a variety of settings.

Data Security

Implement encryption and secure data transmission methods to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or tampering, crucial for maintaining the integrity of patrol data.

Alerts and Notifications

Generate automatic alerts in case of missed check-ins or detected anomalies, ensuring prompt attention to potential issues.

Integration Capabilities

Often designed to integrate with existing security systems, such as surveillance cameras or access control systems, providing a cohesive security solution.


Can be scaled up or down depending on the size of the area to be monitored and the number of personnel, allowing for flexible deployment in diverse environments from small buildings to large industrial complexes.

User-Friendly Interface

Feature intuitive interfaces for both patrol personnel and administrators, simplifying use and reducing the need for extensive training.
By integrating these functionalities, patrol systems play a pivotal role in bolstering security measures, ensuring comprehensive coverage, and enhancing the accountability and efficiency of patrol operations.

What Is A Guard Tour System?

In the modern era where security is paramount, organizations are in constant pursuit of new and effective ways to protect their assets and staff. The conventional approach of conducting manual patrols and maintaining paper logs is often seen as outdated and susceptible to errors.
A guard tour system is used to help companies and organizations organize, log, and execute tours in their assets ensuring that the officers will accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals. This helps prevent “Laziness” and ensures your guard is on duty.
Guard tour systems provide a means to check and record when a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned on the area he patrols. Checkpoints are placed in certain points either on buildings or on other locations of a site or remote area and help the managing staff to identify each different location and each portion of a specific territory. The on-site guards can scan checkpoints, send SOS alerts, track and record events, and conduct and send reports to the managing staff or the clients, even in real time.

How Does A Guard Tour System Work?

The guard tour system is mainly composed of three parts: patrol reader, checkpoint and software.

Place the checkpoints on the key points of the patrol route. During the patrol, the security guards use the patrol wand that he carries to read his ID tag and then read the checkpoints in the order of the routes. During the process, if an emergency is found, the event tag can be read at any time, and the patrol wand saves the checkpoint number and read time as a patrol record. Use the download station to upload the patrol records in the patrol wand to the computer regularly. The management software compares the pre-set patrol plan with the actual patrol records and then can obtain statistical reports such as patrol missed and missed points. These reports can truly reflect the actual completion of the patrol work.

Types of Guard Tour Systems

According to different applied technologies, guard patrol systems can be divided into the following three types, Basic Guard Patrol Systems, Online Guard Patrol Systems and Guard Tour APP. Let’s clearly define and differentiate between the three categories of guard patrol systems: Basic, Online, and Guard tour APP systems.

Basic Guard Tour System

Basic Guard Patrol Systems are traditional, often offline systems that utilize simple technology for checkpoint verification. Common technologies include RFID and iButton, where patrol personnel use a device to physically interact with checkpoints.
Basic Guard Tour System

Key Features:

  • Offline Operation: Data is typically stored on the device and downloaded after the patrol is completed.
  • Physical Interaction: Requires direct contact (iButton) or close proximity (RFID) with checkpoints.
  • Durability and Simplicity: Designed for straightforward use and durability in various environments.

Differences from Online Guard Tour System and App:

  • Generally, no need for specialized software for data analysis; data is often reviewed manually.
  • Lower initial setup complexity and potentially lower costs, but with less flexibility and scalability.

Online Guard Tour System

Online Patrol Systems are advanced systems that allow for real-time data transmission. They can incorporate a variety of technologies including RFID, NFC, and GPS to offer more dynamic and immediate patrol management.
Online Guard Tour System

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Data Upload: Immediate data transmission for up-to-date monitoring.
  • Diverse Technologies: Can use RFID for checkpoint scanning, NFC for secure close-range check-ins, and GPS for wide-area tracking.
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting: Allows for sophisticated data analysis and reporting through software platforms.

Differences from Online Guard Tour System and App:

  • Requires continuous internet connectivity for real-time functionality.
  • Often more complex and costly to set up due to the need for a comprehensive online infrastructure.
  • Offers more immediate oversight and data analysis capabilities, improving response times to incidents.

Guard Tour APP

Guard Patrol APP leverage mobile technology, enabling patrol personnel to use smartphones or tablets for patrol activities. These apps can integrate technologies like QR codes for checkpoint scanning and GPS for tracking patrol routes and locations.
Guard Tour APP

Key Features:

  • Mobile Device Utilization: Uses existing smartphones or tablets, reducing the need for additional hardware.
  • App-Based Functionality: Features can include QR code scanning, GPS tracking, incident reporting, and real-time communication.
  • Ease of Deployment and Use: Apps can be quickly updated and distributed, and they are generally user-friendly.
    Differences from Basic and Online Systems:

Differences from Differences from Basic and Online Guard Tour Systems:

  • Relies on the patrol personnel’s familiarity with smartphones and apps, which can vary widely.
  • Potentially lower cost of deployment, as it uses existing hardware (smartphones).
  • Offers flexibility and scalability through app updates and integrations, but depends on the quality of the mobile network for real-time features.
In summary, Basic Patrol Systems are characterized by their simplicity and offline operation, Online Patrol Systems by their real-time data capabilities and use of diverse technologies, and Patrol Apps by their mobile-based, flexible, and user-friendly nature. Each system has its unique set of advantages and is suitable for different operational needs and environments.

How to Choose A Suitable Guard Tour System?

When selecting a suitable guard tour system, it’s crucial to consider the specific conditions and requirements of your company, particularly the patrol environment. Different environments may necessitate distinct features or technologies in a guard tour system.

Environmental Conditions

  • Outdoor vs. Indoor: For outdoor patrols, especially in extensive areas like parks or industrial complexes, a GPS-based system might be more suitable due to its wide coverage and ability to track in open spaces. For indoor environments, RFID or NFC might be preferable for their precision and reliability within confined spaces.
  • Harsh Conditions: In environments exposed to extreme weather, chemicals, or physical impacts, the durability of the hardware becomes a critical factor. Systems with rugged, weather-resistant tags and readers should be prioritized.

Scale and Complexity of the Site

  • Large Complexes: For sprawling sites, a system with advanced tracking capabilities and route optimization can help manage the complexity and ensure all areas are adequately patrolled.
  • Multiple Buildings or Levels: In scenarios with multiple buildings or levels, consider a system that can segment data accordingly and provide detailed insights for each area.

Specific Security Needs

  • High-Security Areas: For sites with high-security zones, such as financial institutions or research labs, a system with enhanced data security features and the ability to integrate with other security systems (like access control or surveillance cameras) would be beneficial.
  • Dynamic Environments: In areas where the patrol routes or points might need frequent updating (such as construction sites), a system that allows easy reconfiguration and real-time updates would be more suitable.

Budget Considerations

  • Initial Investment vs. Ongoing Costs: Evaluate the upfront costs of the system against the long-term maintenance and operational expenses. More advanced systems like GPS-based ones might have higher initial costs but could offer greater coverage and efficiency, potentially reducing the number of guards needed.

Integration with Existing Systems

  • Compatibility: Ensure the new guard tour system can integrate seamlessly with any existing security or management systems to avoid operational silos and to enhance overall security infrastructure.
By taking into account these additional factors, tailored to the specific patrol environment and organizational needs, you can make a more informed decision on the most suitable guard tour system for your company. This ensures not only the effectiveness of your security patrols but also the scalability and adaptability of the system to future changes or expansions in your operations.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the adoption of a guard tour system represents a significant advancement in the realm of security and surveillance. By leveraging modern technologies such as RFID, QR codes, GPS, and NFC, these systems offer a robust solution to the traditional challenges of manual patrols and record-keeping. With features like automated check-ins, real-time monitoring, and detailed reporting, guard tour systems enhance the efficiency, accountability, and effectiveness of security operations. As organizations continue to prioritize the safety of their assets and personnel, the strategic implementation of a guard tour system emerges as an essential component in the evolution of comprehensive security protocols.

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