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Basic Guard Tour System:

Basic patrol includes RFID guard tour system and Touch guard tour system.  Patrolling can be accomplished by touching i-Button with patrol wand, or the guard’s hand-hold patrol wand is 3-5 cm away from the checking point, after reading successful getting to the main console, patrol records are transmitted to the computer through the data line. Managers can view the Patrol Records of the guard’s through the computer.

Real time Guard Tour System:

Real-Time guard tour system is based on the basic guard tour system. There are two ways to transmit data: online transmission and data line transmission. On-line transmission relies on 3G/4G, GPRS, GSM, WiFi, etc. When the guards go to the patrol sites and read the card successfully, the guard tour wand can transfer the patrolling data online to the computer of the console, without returning to the console for data transmission. Convenient for the patrolling process.

GPS Guard Tour System:

GPS guard tour system, using GPS positioning and Beidou positioning technology, can identify 125k checking point at the same time. There are two ways to transmit data: online transmission and data line transmission, supporting 3G/4G, GPRS and WiFi transmission. When the guards arrive at the patrol sites, the guard’s hold the guard tour wand at the sites for several seconds. The guard tour wand will automatically upload the location information and prompt reading success.

Intelligent electronic lock system

Everything is in control

Operational Process

JWM intelligent lock management system is an advanced management system for the patrol work on various industries According to your patrol schedule, you can install the intelligent lock on the designated position for using. As your needs, you can upload the records to the management server. The system will summarize and analyze the records to deeply assess the work of security guard work.

The Management System Features

1.Beautiful design, user-friendly, flexible operation and easy to understand.
2. Clear affiliations of the lines or areas by tree structure.
3. The combination of multiple conditions on the upper left side.
4.Two levels of authority (supervisor and operator).


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