Zhuyuan Hotel Intelligent Patrol System

Location:Beijing Zhuyuan Hotel

Project Necessity

For the service industry, security must not be ignored. Founded in 2001, JWM is specialized in patrol, inspection and GPS product development and production. It is the first manufacturer of patrol products in China, a high-tech enterprise, an ISO9001-certified enterprise, the leading company in the patrol inspection industry and the world’s leading manufacturer of inspection and inspection products.

Project Introduction

Beijing Zhuyuan Hotel adopts JWM guard patrol system. The management personnel will install the patrol points in each location where the hotel needs to patrol, and then pass the patrol machine and each patrol point to sense the card reading, and enter the patrol in the management center. More locations, patrols, and patrol time to develop a patrol plan. Security personnel needs to install a patrol plan and hold a patrol machine for inspection.

Solve Problems

1. Solved the situation that security personnel missed the patrol during the patrol, even after the patrol, the data was fraudulent, and the management personnel could not know the situation.
2. The management of scientific words makes the security guard’s patrol more efficient.
3. The information displayed by guard tour patrol system is clear and accurate, and the management can see the patrol situation at a glance.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4s