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Project Necessity

Jianghu city fulang wood industry co., LTD is the enterprise that gives priority to with production wooden door, because wooden door belongs to the wooden product, have very big combustibility, because this is in daily fireproof respect, needs to raise vigilance more. In the production process, we should always pay attention to the safety of the production site, especially the open fire or fire source must not be brought into the production site. As a result of the wooden door production site may exist a large number of wood chips and other easy to ignite items, once the open fire into, it is very likely to cause a fire, to bring huge losses to the enterprise. Therefore, in addition to conducting daily safety production training for employees, we should also reduce the existence of safety hazards through patrol supervision.


Fulang wood co., LTD attaches great importance to the safety and fire prevention supervision of factories and warehouses. Factories and warehouses full of equipment and wood can be especially affected if a fire breaks out. At the same time, a warehouse is often a place that enterprises tend to ignore, because there are usually not many employees, so the discovery of unexpected conditions in the warehouse is often slow. Therefore, the patrol management system of JWM was introduced to effectively supervise the security guards, and the main goal was to check the equipment of the factory, the suspected fire protection, the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the warehouse. The prevention was the core, and the patrol of the safety system of the factory and the warehouse was strengthened to ensure fire safety.

Project Introduction

Fulang wood industry co., LTD was established in 1995, is a construction, building materials enterprises, is approved by the relevant departments of the state registered enterprises. Main wooden door, the company is located in Zhejiang Ningbo Zhejiang Huzhou nanxun economic development zone hu village. Fulang wood co., LTD. In line with the principle of “customer first, integrity first”, has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises. We have the best products and professional sales and technical team, we provide customers with the best products, good technical support, sound after-sales service.

Solve Problems

1. Replaced the traditional patrol method and reduced the cost of use and maintenance through induction card technology.
2. Solve the problem of missing patrol, strengthen the duty, strictly implement the patrol plan and system, earnestly perform their duties, increase the frequency of patrol, and ensure the security guards to patrol according to the requirements.
3. Supervise and urge security guards to maintain production devices, equipment and fire safety facilities to ensure safe production and safe environment of the warehouse.
4. Realize the management center’s review of security guards and patrol routes, and form statements and documents, so as to be well documented, assess patrol work, and achieve the purpose of centralized management.
5. Analyze and process the patrol information through the background software, provide useful information for the patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, and nip in the bud.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System