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Project Necessity

Community is the main carrier of urban management and function improvement. On the road to urbanization, community property safety is not only an integral part of urban security but also the basis of urban social stability and the basic environment for urban economic and cultural development. The safety of community property is related to thousands of households, to develop a safe community, is to make every micro link and part can meet the safety requirements, so that everyone has a sense of security, this is to achieve good, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of the people’s important measures, is to maintain social harmony and stability of the important link.

Project Introduction

Zeke Group Chongqing Property Service Co., LTD through the introduction of JWM RFID guard tour management system, from the traditional property service to the “Internet +” era transformation, with international standards, to achieve scientific and modern property management methods. The security personnel holds the guard tour reader, arrive in the stipulation time the patrol checkpoints, reads the patrol checkpoint with the guard tour reader. The patrol will automatically record the arrival time and security personnel at the location. The guard tour management software carries on the automatic analysis and the intelligent processing of the patrol data, thus realizes the scientific management of the patrol work. This can be very effective and perfect supervision of security personnel patrol, patrol inspection work, without letting them have loopholes to drill, ultimately improve the quality of work, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, to protect the safety of the residents and property.

Solve Problems

1. The guard tour system adopts induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. No need for full-time maintenance, reduce the cost of use.
2. Property management personnel conduct systematic management on patrol time control through patrol management software, reasonably allocate patrol forces, make clear the key time, location, route and time of patrol, and achieve continuous-time control.
3. Through unified management of data, the property management center reduces the time waste caused by manual data sorting, eliminates data fraud, and provides a scientific and accurate basis for patrol information and inquiry.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S