Yunnan Baima Lake Resort Guard Patrol System

Location:Yunnan Baima Lake Resort

Project Necessity

Due to the large number of buildings in the hotel, security personnel often missed the tour. The hotel’s fire-fighting facilities are prone to aging or expiration, making them unusable, posing a major safety hazard in the face of fire. Moreover, hotel management personnel cannot know the security patrol when they go out.

Project Introduction

Hotel management personnel installed patrol points in the fire-prone areas, fire-fighting passages, key safety hazard areas in the hotel, set security personnel patrol time, and develop patrol plans. After the security guards hold the patrol machine to the designated location, the patrol machine is used to sense the designated patrol point, and the patrol opportunity automatically records the location name and arrival time, and patrol personnel. After the security personnel patrol, the data recorded by the patrol machine is transmitted to the cloud patrol system using USB. The mobile phone with the cloud patrol software can receive the patrol record of the security guard at the first time, and the results of the patrol can be seen at a glance.

Solve Problems

  1. Solve the situation of security guard’s wrong patrol, missed patrol, etc., to avoid potential safety hazards caused by the lack of work.
  2. Ensure that the fire protection facilities in all locations of the hotel are always available, so that the safety is increased by one layer.
  3. The guard patrol system can ensure that many people use the mobile phone with the cloud patrol software to view the patrol situation online and liberate the management personnel.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5