Yihai Kerry (Nanchang) Application Guard Patrol System

Location: Yihai Kerry (Nanchang) Foodgrain&Cooking Oil Food Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

1. The traditional patrol management effect is poor. The patrol personnel tampers the patrol record manually and often neglects to patrol according to the patrol system.
2. Many doors and Windows were not damaged in time, and the equipment in the factory was not repaired and maintained in time, which caused a lot of trouble to the safety management in the factory.


Yihai Kerry group was founded in 2001, headquartered in Lujiazui, Shanghai. The group has 38 factories and trading companies directly controlled in China, and also shares in many famous domestic grain and oil processing enterprises such as Luhua. The trading company and its offices have covered all provinces except Xizang and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas. With an annual oil seed pressing capacity of 10 million tons, the group is one of the largest oil and oil processing enterprise groups in China.

Project Introduction

Yihai Kerry (Nanchang) Foodgrain&Cooking Oil Food Co., Ltd introduced JWM guard patrol tour system, through to the factory is easy to fire high-risk areas according to the system of fire safety patrol and patrol plan set up, and rules on the site patrol, handheld RFID guard tour system security equipment reads place card, formed a set time, place, personnel, planning, data security patrol system, implements the electronic on patrol management and safety evaluation, the fire hazard in a smoldering avoided.

Solve Problems

1. Realize unified management and quantitative assessment of guards through background guard tour patrol software, avoid time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improve the safety responsibility consciousness of guards.
2. Ensure that the guards make a careful patrol of production equipment, facilities, tools and operating environment.
3. On-time patrol can accurately analyze, judge and deal with abnormal situations in the production process and eliminate unsafe factors in time.
4. Check fire prevention and fire fighting equipment on time to ensure that all fire fighting equipment is in good condition.
5. Check the doors and Windows of the factory and dormitory on time to avoid opportunities for thieves.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S