Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station Guard Tour System

Location: Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station

Project Necessity

Nuclear power plants must implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first” to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants, ensure the safety of workers and the public, protect the environment and protect investors’ assets from losses. Nuclear power plant must establish safety production guarantee system and safety production supervision system, and put all requirements into practice to prevent the occurrence of major accidents in the nuclear power plant.


Security patrols are divided into six teams, three of which patrol the plant at the same time every day. Security guards carry GPS patrol device to patrol along the specified route. GPS patrol device records the position information and time information of security guards at all times. When arriving at the required patrol site, the patrol device can record the on-site situation and incident information. In the management center, the GIS map of the system management software can be used to grasp the patrol situation and the specific location of the team in real-time. If there is an emergency, the management center can timely mobilize the nearest team to the scene to solve the emergency.

Project Introduction

Yangjiang nuclear power station is located in the beautiful coast of the South China Sea, is the national planning and construction of key energy project, using its own brand of pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology in China, the continuous construction of 6 mega kilowatts nuclear power unit, the unit is an approval at present, China’s largest and one of the largest nuclear project, in the developing process of the nuclear scale, seriation, standardization, the important symbol. His overall safety quality in good condition, quality of major security incidents happened in no. The construction of yangjiang nuclear power project will play a positive role in saving energy, reducing emissions and improving the ecological environment.

Solve Problems

1. According to the security objectives and sentries of the nuclear power station, checkpoints should be set up in the required patrol position, and security guards should patrol according to the patrol plan. Meanwhile, they can better assist the papf in managing and guiding the on-duty work of the papf.
2. Carry out on-site patrol according to the plan, and record the on-site situation and incident information through the patrol if problems are found, and upload them to the management center for rectification in a timely manner.
3. Carry out surveillance and alert by patrolling, controlling and managing the entry and exit of personnel, vehicles, and goods within the plant area. For emergencies, the patrol can timely organize defense, alarm, resistance and other rapid response work through the alarm function of the patroller.
4. Regularly check and maintain the alarm system around the protection zone and key areas, the alarm detector, and TV monitoring device of the key parts of the nuclear power plant, as well as the entrance and exit control equipment, to ensure the normal operation of its functions.
5. The Guard Tour System can export patrol data, and managers can develop a recording system for physical protection of nuclear power plants based on the records, and manage the compilation, collection, storage, storage and processing of the records.

Product Introduction

Android Intelligent Checking Guard Security System