Xinghai Piano Group Guard Tour System Application

Location: Xinghai Piano Group Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. The patrol record can be signed by others, but it cannot be guaranteed that the patrol personnel will change shifts at will, which will affect the production order.
2. The paper version of patrol check-in and record information preservation is inconvenient and time-consuming.
3. When you want to query information, it is very inconvenient to do defect analysis on the data, which is not conducive to making solutions.


Xinghai Piano Group Co., LTD is a national large-scale industrial enterprise, with Beijing piano factory established in 1949 as the core factory, and won the title of national civilized unit in 2005.In 2006, Xinghai not only won the title of “China famous brand” consecutively, but also obtained the qualification of “national exemption from inspection of product quality”. In the same year, Xinghai trademark was determined as “China well-known trademark”, and Xinghai company joined the ranks of “vanguard of Chinese industrial enterprises”. And the JWM guard tour patrol system for Xinghai Piano Group Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in the factory.

Project Introduction

Xinghai Piano Group introduced JWM guard tour management system to manage the patrol of piano production line. Management application guard tour system management software to set up the patrol plan and arrange patrol personnel, installed checkpoints on the specified line patrolling, patrol personnel guard tour system reader in hand, to specify a location for checkpoint clock, clock out record will be stored in the guard tour system reader, will guard tour system reader connected to computer with USB data cable, the patrol data uploaded to the management in the computer, using management software automatically generated report, complete the guard of the patrol work. To ensure the quality of each piano, guards need to check the material selection, processing, installation, code gram, debugging and other procedures. Only a scientific and complete inspection system can accurately and efficiently complete the patrol of guards.

Solve Problems

1. The application of the guard tour patrol management system can effectively solve the problems of missing and missing patrol.
2. Replace the traditional check-in form, adopt a more scientific, efficient and intuitive way to unify the management of patrol guards and form report documents.
3, Increased the means of management, to achieve the purpose of maintenance and management.
4. Supervise the staff to check the equipment on time to ensure the normal operation of all functions of the equipment and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5