Wood Processing Industry Preferred Security Guard Patrol System

Location: Mercer Wood-based Panel Co., LTD

Project Necessity

The occurrence of fire has ignition matter, especially in the process of wood production, easy to produce sparks and flames, a careless will lead to fire. Every year, a large number of fires occur in wood-based panel factories. These disasters may cause the factory to stop production and loss of raw materials, or lead to heavy casualties and property losses. Therefore, how to effectively prevent fire in the production of wood-based panel has become a difficult problem that wood-based panel enterprises must face.


Mercer Wood-based Panel Co., LTD is located in the industrial park of Nanzamu town, Xinbin manzu autonomous county, Liaoning province, which has beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and abundant timber resources. The company has the domestic first-class large-scale supporting automatic production line, the use of modern management mode, exquisite processing technology, and has a group of forward-looking enterprise management talents, innovative backbone of science and technology, skilled production workers.

Project Introduction

Mercer Wood-based Panel companies in order to protect the plants from fire hazards and introduced JWM guard patrol tour system, through to the factory is easy to fire high-risk areas, such as bin, pneumatic transporting pipe, hot press, cyclone separator patrolling at key locations such as installation, according to the system of fire safety patrol and patrol plan set up, and rules on the site patrol, handheld RFID guard tour system security equipment reads place card, formed a set time, place, personnel, planning, data security patrol system, implements the electronic on patrol management and safety evaluation, the fire hazard in a smoldering avoided.

Solve Problems

1. Ensure that the person in charge of each team patrols the key fire prevention equipment and parts once every hour.
2. Patrol as required can ensure that the department, section fire prevention facilities, fire-fighting equipment, fire signs and fire access are not damaged and blocked.
3. Check inflammable and combustible articles in the warehouse on time, and remove the scattered parts in time.
4. Ensure that the spark detection and alarm device of the production line is tested according to the requirements after shutdown and before starting up, and maintain it regularly to keep it highly sensitive and normal.
5. Ensure that the electrician on duty makes circuit patrol of the electrical equipment as required, and keep the electrical equipment clean to prevent short-circuit from causing fire.
6. Provided useful information for patrol work through background guard tour management software analysis and processing of patrol information, formulated corresponding strategies, solved problems in the bud, and prevented fire from remaining.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S