WM-5000FE Guard Tour System for CR Vanguard

Application Equipment: WM-5000FE
Equipment Quantity: 2000 sets
Use Company: CR Vanguard
Project Name: WM-5000FE Guard Tour System

Project Introduction

CR Vanguard belongs to China Resources (Holdings)Co., Ltd, which is one of the retail chain’s largest enterprise groups in China. It is also the world’s top 500 enterprise. Until now, CR Vanguard has more than 4 thousands stores, 300 thousand staff. CR Vanguard’s sales performance more than 104 billion yuan in 2015.
Routine inspections are an essential part of the work of guards. But how to make scientific and effective management become a problem. In order to avoid problems, CR Vanguard uses JWM Guard Tour System. It is not only an easy operation but also achieves good management.

Application Solution

1. The guards use the reader to patrol as the routes and checkpoints that have already been set. If guards meet problems during the patrol, they can enter the problem type and contact with
management center by readers.
2. Guards can take the camera during the patrol. As the problems that can’t be solved right now, guards will take a picture and send to the related department to solve.
3. Entering the problems to the reader and the next guard also know what the problems had now.
4. After each group patrolling, the department manager checks the recording by Guard Tour System. If there have a miss or other problems, the manager will amend and resolve as the company policy.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour System solve problems of missing patrol and problem can’t be solve on time.
2. JWM Guard Tour System is more scientific and effective than traditional patrol.
3. JWM Guard Tour System urge the guards patrol on time and ensure the products sales with a high quality.