Why Use A Guard Tour Monitoring System?

By equipping your company with a security guard, you will feel an increased sense of security. But how do you keep track if you know if the security guards are working properly? Installing a patrol system helps monitor whether security guards are performing their duties. The Patrol System is a system designed to help you organize, record, and execute patrols and patrols to ensure they complete their tasks at predefined intervals. The implementation of the patrol system will help to monitor security in a timely and accurate manner, manage assets more efficiently, and improve security services.

What are the benefits of using a guard monitoring system?


Typically, security guards carry flashlights around each location and take note of the patrol area. But by using a patrol system, the life of a security guard can be made simpler, more responsible and more reliable. Guards can now scan checkpoints from a smartphone using a mobile app or with a simple touch of the screen. By doing this, instant alerts and SOS messages, images, audio recordings will be automatically recorded. The monitoring center will receive real-time notifications about its location and activity, which is much more efficient than manual notifications.

Data analysis

Controlling large buildings and territories and their data is very difficult. You can now do this easily with a tour system that will help you collect, analyze and edit the information received during tour operations. By capturing data on your guard activities and observed problems, it will help you resolve specific issues and change patrol strategies when needed. You can even access all data through remote monitoring and even real-time notifications and data collection.

GPS monitoring system

In order to track the exact location, GPS is one of the important components in the surveillance system. It provides facilities to manage your security from anywhere and make sure they are actually patrolling and being protected. Incorporating GPS functionality in a guard monitoring system increases reliability, increases efficiency, and improves overall safety.

Remote management

Notifying of any threats and monitoring different areas often takes a lot of time, especially as guards contact their managers to take necessary action. Having a guard monitoring system will help to manage many areas across the globe without any communication issues. It also helps to take immediate action no matter where you are. The office’s security manager will be able to decide the location of checkpoints and guards. And also centrally manage data received from all locations.

Strengthen protection

Security guards should be trustworthy and reliable. However, we also need to strengthen protections to protect them. The Guard Surveillance System will assist security at risk by providing the unique feature to send SOS alerts instantly at the push of a button in the provided equipment. These alert messages can reach reporting managers as well as other guards in the area to prepare for threats. Even administrators can message guards or get a clear picture of danger, as guards can record sounds or attach images.