Why Do You Need A Guard Tour System?

Many companies hire security guards to provide protection of company facilities on twenty-four hour basis. One important duty of these guards is to provide periodic patrols of the facility to detect suspicious and abnormal activity, including doors left unlocked, burned-out lights, water leaks, safety hazards, and other such conditions. In an industrial facility, the guard’s duties may also include checking various types of machinery to observe temperature readings or pressure settings.
To get maximum value from the security guard, it is essential that the guard make patrols according to established procedures. In general, patrols should be made at least several times per shift, and should cover all important areas of the facility. Many times, the person managing the security program will establish a patrol route or “tour” that includes stops at all the important points that the security guard needs to check. Depending on the size of the facility, there may be several different tours, each which includes different areas of the plant. The guard usually alternates between tours, doing one tour during the first hour, and a different tour during the second hour, and so on throughout the shift. In this way, all important areas of the facility are checked at least every two hours.
During many shifts, security guards may work alone and with very little or no supervision. Sometimes, security guards want to remain at their posts and don’t want to go on patrol. This can be particularly tempting at times when the weather is bad and going on patrol means going out in the cold or rain. Even when officers do go on patrol, there may be certain portions of the tour that are difficult to access or that require that a large number of stairs be climbed. There can be a tendency for guards to skip these portions of the tour much of the time.
Guard Tour systems have been developed to solve these problems. In general, guard tour systems record the activities of the security officers to determine if officers are making their tours when they should, and to verify that they are covering all portions of their tour.
The use of a guard tour system provides two important benefits. First, if guards know that their activities are being recorded, there is a strong motivation for them to follow the rules and make patrols the way that they are supposed to. Second, the guard tour system provides a record of all patrol activities, allowing discrepancies in patrol procedures to be quickly identified. Appropriate disciplinary actions can be taken against officers who fail to comply with established procedures.
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