What Is the Online Guard Tour System?

Online guard tour system (also named wireless guard patrol system) refers to the form of patrol data upload in a wireless way to the patrol management system software. The common touch guard patrol system on the market, using USB cable and computer connected to upload data. Such a guard patrol system, only after the end of the reader connected to the computer to upload patrol data.

The core part of online guard patrol system is wireless patrol reader (also known as real-time patrol reader), its realization is to install a SIM card in the patrol reader, the patrol data through GPRS network, data will be uploaded to the management center.

Wireless patrolling system requirements management center computer must be able to log in the Internet (only can connect to the Internet computer can contact data from the wireless patrolling reader), computer management center had better have a fixed IP address, if not then use the third party of dynamic DNS software (such as peanut shells), dynamic DNS into a fixed domain name. Then make a port to the IP address, and then download the IP address and port information to the wireless patrol reader. That makes it a wireless guard patrol system.

The advantage of online guard patrol system is that the manager can master the patrol process for the first time, which is very suitable for the enterprise with strict security management. At present, the technology of wireless guard patrol system has been very mature. The next disadvantage of the wireless electronic patrol system is that you have to pay a monthly data fee for your cell phone card.


In the use of third-party domain name resolution software, it is recommended to choose a paid version, can avoid the problem of the free version easy to lost connection.