What Is Security Guard Patrolling?

Security patrol refers to a security service activity in which a security service company, according to the security service contract, sends security personnel to patrol, inspect and guard the client unit or a certain place and part to find, correct and guard against various factors affecting internal security in order to ensure the security of the client unit.

Key Features of Security Patrols

1. Activity. This is the most striking feature of security patrols. In order to ensure the safety of customer units, security patrol officers often use foot or bicycle and other ways, around the relevant places, parts, sections of the tour swimming, to prevent various problems.
2. Initiative. Patrol security service is an “active and offensive” guard, as opposed to “passive guard”. It through to the customer unit a certain range or area of patrol observation, active detection of problems, eliminate unsafe factors. Patrol effect is proportional to the sense of responsibility, active and serious in the patrol, meticulous work, a strong sense of responsibility, found a variety of suspicious circumstances more opportunities; Conversely, negative perfunctory, the problem may not be found.
3. Mobility. Security patrol is not a repetitive movement, but a selective and focused patrol of the complex security situation, prone to problems and critical parts of the patrol. In time, space, methods, and methods according to the situation, there is no fixed rules and regulations, the purpose is to receive the best patrolling effect, the ways can be flexible and diverse.

How to Ensure the Effectiveness of Patrols?

Using the guard tour system to monitor the work of patrol guards. Its working principle is: take the spot card as the mark of patrol place or equipment and put it on the key point of the patrol route. After the security guard reads the personnel card with the patrol inspector, the patrol begins to patrol. The patrol uses the patrol inspector to read the location card, and the patrol time and location are recorded in the patrol reader. Regularly upload the patrol record from the patrol reader to the computer. By comparing the pre-set patrol plan with the actual patrol record, the management software can obtain statistical statements such as normal and missed inspection, which can truly reflect the actual completion of patrol work. The use of the guard patrol system will greatly increase the control ability of patrol personnel, thus improving the intensity of potential safety accident detection and ensuring the smooth operation of work and life.