What Do You Know About Patrol Reader?

For most people, patrol reader this name is very strange, but for people engaged in security work, it is a sharp weapon in the daily work, so today I introduce to you based on RFID patrol reader system basic knowledge.

1. Security Guard Management Software

Patrol reader itself is an operating body of guard patrol system. For managers, the use of patrol system is the key to whether the patrol results can be recorded correctly and inquired timely, and whether it is easy to use. Managers may not know much about computers, so the usability of patrol system software is more critical, while for complex patrol management, it is more important to correctly process patrol data and automatically export patrol reports.

2. The Installation Of RFID Checkpoint

At present, the RFID patrol is generally round, round strip pass and column, etc., we introduce two ways:
Screw fixing method: with a round piece hole piece, can be installed in the wall hole plug screw fixing, advantages: more obvious, disadvantages: easy to be damaged.
Embedding method: the patrol point can be embedded into the wall, the depth is less than 2cm, used for a circular plate without holes and cylindrical card. For the column card to play a 5mm Confucius card embedded, the outside can be fixed with cement, advantages: not easy to destroy, disadvantages: patrol more point is not obvious.

3. Why Are RFID Relatively Strong Shell And Waterproof?

Patrolling reader product in essence is used for patrol management, it is to carry on the scientific, the patrol inspection work standardization management work, so the user can produce against psychology, in some management work environment is not strong, patrol fell, will appear in the rain behavior such as damage, caused by patrolling machine can’t normal use. So, at the beginning of the design, we will consider this aspect, all have a strong case and waterproof performance of the patrol machine is the premise of product stability.

The RFID guard patrol system can effectively manage the inspection and timely report of the work, but also more meet with the user experience.