What do you know about intelligent security patrol systems?

Intelligent patrol system belongs to the field of public safety and emergency management.

The functions of intelligent patrol mainly include:

  1. Make and check the patrol plan. The patrol point refers to the position that the patrol personnel needs to pass through during the patrol. The equipment is patrolled in these positions, and the information of the point position is read by the equipment such as the patrol rod and the patrol card.
  2. Preset patrol point. The patrol point is the basic information, which can be arranged according to the design drawing. The number, time, position, content and scope of the patrol work can be reflected inside and can be added according to the actual needs.
  3. Preset patrol route. The patrol route consists of a series of patrol points. During the patrol, punch in the predetermined order to prove that the patrol is conducted according to the patrol route. Users can preset a variety of itinerant patrol routes and itinerant patrol schemes.
  4. Setting of patrol guard. The patrol personal is the basic information, which can be set according to the design requirements, and the internal information such as number, model, status, storage location, and manager can be reflected to achieve unified management and can be added according to the actual needs.
  5. Patrol record. The patrol records are divided into normal records and abnormal records. The information of patrol personnel can be reflected in the record and can be reflected in the record after uploading. Exception records can be automatically published to the event management page for upgrading to a unified event for processing.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology has the characteristics of high-speed moving object identification, multi-object identification, and non-contact identification, and is widely used in industry, logistics and transportation, department store and retail, library, government, and other fields and industries.

Intelligent equipment patrol system can be built based on RFID technology. The system consists of two parts: mobile intelligent patrol system security management system. The two parts of the system mainly perform the following functions:

  • Mobile intelligent patrol system

    Mobile patrol function: based on mobile Internet technology, through the intelligent terminal systems, mobile patrol of video facilities can be realized, timely upload patrol information, support multimedia patrol means, support knowledge-based patrol support, and support GPS self-positioning function. Device management function: based on the Internet of things technology, corresponding electronic code management rules can be established for video monitoring points, including device statistics: statistics related devices; Equipment check: check related equipment.
  • Security management system

    Carry out fine management of the patrol work, including patrol time, patrol quality, patrol route, real-time supervision and control of patrol, etc., including:
    1) Formulation of patrol task: the patrol task includes information of patrol personnel, routes, tools, and other information, and personalized patrol guidance can be generated according to different routes, including the sequence of the patrol at video point, recommended routes, key patrol positions, etc.
    2) Information management of patrol results: automatically classify all kinds of information recorded in the patrol process and generate statistical statements. For defect information, it can be automatically classified statistics, record processing results.
    3) Basic data maintenance: including the establishment and modification of line name, tower position, patrol content, patrol personnel, and other basic data.
    4) Monitoring and reminder: it can supervise the arrival of patrol inspectors. In the process of supervision, if the management personnel find abnormal conditions, they can send a reminder message to the inspector.
    5) Query and statistics: according to the categories of personnel, line, date and so on, you can query the patrol information and statistics various data to provide a reference for improving the management mode and provide visual reality support.