What are Duties & Responsibilities of Security Guards?

While the main task of security guards is to protect your property, employees and customers, they provide more than just protection for your business. In this article, we will share with you all the duties of a security guard.
Security guards have a wide range of duties, from simple patrolling to responding to robberies and attacks to maintaining law and order. Knowing all the duties of a security guard goes a long way in keeping your property safe.
Below are some of the main security duties.

Observe and report

These are the two most important duties of a security guard. Security guards must patrol the area and conduct security checks, keeping their eyes open for anything unusual.
In the event of a crime or emergency, clear recall of previous incidents will allow responders to better handle the situation.


The presence of security guards prevents someone from attempting an illegal act or taking action. That’s why visibility is an important part of a security guard’s responsibilities. They must position themselves in areas with heavy public transport to create a sense of safety.

Maintaining order

Security guards must maintain law and order on the property. Maintaining order may involve:

  • Enforce company policies, rules and laws
  • Control access to buildings
  • Monitor surveillance systems and alerts

In the event of an emergency, guards should manage the situation to maintain order as much as possible. They should also have good communication and decisive leadership qualities while waiting for responders to arrive at the scene.

Assist guests

Security guards can be stationed at the entrance to the building. In this case, one of the duties of the security guard is to assist the guests. This responsibility will involve providing them with different information and directing guests to where they need to go. This is usually seen in:

  • Office/Company Security
  • Apartment Security
  • Hotel security

This duty is often a balancing act – while doormen help guests, they must also be mindful of their other duties, such as detecting potential threats and denying access to potentially dangerous people.

Protect property

Security guards must always be aware of their surroundings to protect property. This duty may involve tapping people who enter the building. Guards must remain vigilant, using their keen senses of sight, hearing and smell.

These feelings will help them spot any potential risks. They can smell chemical leaks, hear strange noises, or see unusual things. Guards should then determine the severity of the emergency and how to respond.

Implement safety precautions

In an emergency, security guards are responsible for implementing safety precautions in accordance with company policy. These precautions will help protect employees, guests and the public from danger and enable guards to guide them away from harm.

Administrative support

Security guards can provide the following services to ease the administrative burden your staff may have:
Liaison Service: They can act as a liaison between public safety officials and your management team.
Phone Assistance: They can also answer phone calls, screen and direct calls, and receive information when necessary.