West to East Case


Application Equipment: WM-5000P5+
Equipment Quantity: 500 sets
Project Name: WM-5000P5+ Guard Tour System

Project Introduction

Total six managements, for example, Yu-wan Management Office (Zhengzhou), the management team setup three tubes, 12 transfer stations, and some transmission line worker. Each transmission line worker equip a GPS logging device, using position patrol mode, each transfer station with a remote systems management software. Transfer station is responsible for data collection, query and statistics and the team responsible for the management and protection of workers in several transmission line and pipe segment patrol management and data report.
Dingyuan care team, for example, is responsible for the management of Dingyuan, Chuzhou, Hefei and Liuxiangzi transfer stations, monthly station data collection, management, and reporting. Each transmission station collects the statistic data of patrol. West-Yu-wan management regulations that the transfer station and the team management should supervise with each other, workers patrol 7-8 km,10 checkpoints, patrol once a day and upload the data weekly, management and protection team reported once a month.

Application Solution

1. Collecting information point: Set up the reader under collection mode, and then take the reader go to all of the places which you need patrol, to collect GPS location (their longitude and latitude). the data automatically stored in the reader
2. Data Download: Set reader to “patrol mode“, download data and set patrol parameters
3. Patrol: patrol along the pipeline with GPS reader, and collect the latitude and longitude information real time, when arrived at the designated place, can patrol the position Automatically upload data to the management center, manage real-time monitoring.

Solve Problems

1.Using advanced technology to ensure patrol system to be advanced, practical and a longer life cycle and scalability.
2.To manage all aspects and demand of each user to ensure the information sharing and exchange.
3.Ensure the patrol system and integrity system interface, system data and process to be seamless integration.