Walkie-talkie Patrol System Solutions

Walkie-Talkie Patrol System Six Features

1.Positioning Function

RFID, area identification. The system USES non-contact inductive digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to realize the location and identification of the inspection points in the designated area.

2.Voice Monitoring Function

Digital compression, voice recording. PDT advanced digital compression recording technology is used to realize the voice management system and support the voice monitoring and voice retrieval in scheduling work.

3.Dispatch and Command Function

Real-time scheduling, efficient interaction. The system has real-time scheduling, efficient interaction and accurate and effective patrol system management ability. In practical application, the manager can always maintain the scheduling management status of leisurely, masterful, skillful and commanding.

4.Real-time Monitoring Function

Real-time online, safe and reliable. With its fast information transfer function, it can ensure the real-time and reliable transmission of patrol information data, so as to truly realize the real-time online monitoring of patrol personnel.

5.Intelligent Management Function

Work coordination, information management. Based on the intelligent management of computer technology and wireless communication technology network, it can flexibly compile and modify the patrol inspection plan according to the user’s authority, form and output the management report form, and realize the modern management requirements.

6.Emergency Alarm Function

Quick alarm and timely response. When an emergency occurs, the patrol personnel can ensure timely and accurate contact with the command and dispatch center (alarm), report the causes or dangers and the location of the incident, and the dispatch center can realize the function of remote monitoring.