Electronic Cabinet Lock

The key-centric access control system combines mechanical and electromechanical technology to easily realize access control management. It is based on three elements: electronic keys, electronic lock, and traceable access control software.
The solution aims to provide a more convenient and secure access control system, installation does not require wiring, which means it can be installed on any door (just like a mechanical lock) without maintenance.

Key-centric Access Control system Features

Strict Access Control

Through robust management software, the security manager can set arbitrary access rights for users, any time, any day, and access to certain specific locations. The permission will be stored in the key. If your employee has the permission, then the lock will be unlocked successfully; if your employee does not have the permission, then he will not be able to enter, and the record will be kept.

Unlock Record

The management software provides the security administrator with the operation and access records of all users, tracking where, when, and how long the user has stayed. This information can be used by corporate managers for employee assessment and accident accountability.

Flexible Authorization

The security manager can update the permissions from the computer, or more conveniently, using an app on a mobile phone at the time of access, and the permissions of the key will be updated via Bluetooth. This provides greater flexibility and a higher level of security.

Disable Lost Keys

Each smart key is unique, impossible to duplicate, and re-programmable, enabling it to open one or all access points and, in the event of loss or theft, such keys can be disabled.

No Wiring Needed

Vanmalock access control system can realize access control without wiring, and the electronic lock (lock cylinder) does not need wiring or power supply, which means that it can be installed on any door (as you would a mechanical lock).

Technical Specifications

Product ModelWM-2000C-CT01
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
Surface TreatmentBrushed stainless steel
Number of Blacklists100 keys
Unlock records60 pieces
Operating EnvironmentTemperature (-40° to 70°) humidity (20% to 97%)
Service Life10 years
IP RatingIP67

Working Flow

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