Unit 94528 Guard Tour System

Location: Unit 94528

Project Necessity

The army is important to a country. Since ancient times, the army has been indispensable. The army is a country’s basic right to protect itself from infringement. No sovereign country can live without an army. 


In order to make the patrol of 94528 more standardized, reducing the security hidden trouble in the army, 94528 troops used the JWM guard tour system. The electronic patrol system leads the staff on duty to achieve their goals and maximizes the security risks in the army. JWM patrol device with fingerprint identification function, each patrol can ensure the identity of personnel, put an end to the occurrence of patrol, standardized the discipline of the army.

Project Introduction

The head of the army installed patrol points at all key positions, recorded patrol locations, patrol time and security guards into the intelligent management system at the same time, and made patrol plans. The guards on duty only need to patrol according to the patrol plan and deal with the hidden trouble in time. 

Solve Problems

  • 1. JWM patrol management software solves the problem of finding someone to patrol or not patrolling due to the laziness of on-duty personnel in the army, and shows the new concept of rigorous military management and scientific military management. 
  • 2. Solved the problem of multiple locations and low efficiency of the troops, and made the patrol more efficient according to the patrol plan. 
  • 3. Solved the problem that paper patrol record is not easy to keep, and the patrol data recorded in electronic patrol form is more accurate and clearer, which is difficult to fake. 

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1