Union Life Health Community Guard Tour System

Location: Union Life Health Community

Project Necessity

In order to improve the management level of the service area and strengthen the management of security guards, the community introduced the JWM guard tour system. The system requires the security guards to be in place timely and accurately. Because only personnel timely and accurate in place, can undertake rapid response to damage and failure behavior, at the same time also have strong to destroy the molecular psychological deterrent effect, can provide timely and accurate in the found hidden danger in time, prevent damage, reduce accidents, so it is a patrol of community policing is a very important means of prevention.


Through the use of the JWM patrol management system, strengthen the supervision of patrol work. Install fixed inspection points in necessary positions. When the security guards arrive at each place, they scan the patrol point with a patrol guard tour reader. The patrol rod will automatically record the patrol time, patrol location, patrol personnel and other relevant information. When the patrol is over, the management personnel will connect the data to the computer management system to automatically analyze and intelligently process the information, and retain the detailed information for reference, so as to realize the scientific management and supervision of the patrol personnel.

Project Introduction

As China’s first professional endowment communities, to protect the health of the old man life, protect the safety of the old man living in the community, take the lead in introducing the JWM electronic patrolling system, the system can visit every old man family, and health records, to comfort the old man in the community life.

Solve Problems

1. Set up patrol personnel, time and patrol plan through the management center, pre-install fixed patrol points in key areas and fixed patrol areas, conduct a quantitative assessment on the work of patrol personnel and avoid anyone leaving the post.
2. The patrol personnel can patrol better through JWM, which can ensure timely and according to the location in the community, reduce the incidence of accidents, and reduce the incidence of theft and robbery.
3. To ensure the quality of patrol, problems can be found and solved in a timely manner to avoid escalation and intensification of conflicts. In this process, the intelligent patrol system can be fully utilized to analyze and process the information, provide useful information for security work, and solve problems in the bud.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5