Stand-alone Software

Check whether this tag has been added to guard or checkpoint or not.

Check whether today is the rest day or not. Then check if the screening conditions are the same as the patrol plan.
Check whether there are patrol data at historical data or not. If yes, check if the patrol time is correct.

  • Clean the reader and cable, reconnect.
  • The USB cable is plugged into the USB port in front of the computer case. You can change to plug the USB port behind the case.
  • The USB cable is bad, change the USB cable.
  • The computer case Com terminal cannot be identified – damaged.
  • The laptop power is low, causing the Com terminal to be unrecognizable.
Please timing before patrolling.

Click “register reader” firstly, connect the reader. Or reconnect the reader.

SIM card has no money. The single is not good. There is no port mapping. Please close the firewall. Correct the APN.

Clear the device data and download fingerprints. You could collect two or three fingerprints for one finger.  You need to verify fingerprint before reading the card.

Cloud Patrol System

The device is expired. Please contact your sales manager.

Click “Data Maintenance” and “System Parameter Setup”. Special functions are off by default and need to be turned on manually.