Public transportation is an indispensable mode of transportation in modern cities. It can reduce road congestion, relieve traffic pressure, and at the same time reduce air pollution and energy consumption, contributing to the sustainable development of cities.
The bus station is an important part of public transportation, and it is also an important place where people gather. The guard patrol system can realize real-time supervision of the safety of the station and prevent the occurrence of safety problems such as theft and robbery.

Station Safety Supervision

Install patrol equipment inside and outside the station, including patrol tags and patrol reader, which can realize the planning of patrol routes and the collection of patrol records.
According to the actual situation of the station, formulate a patrol plan, including patrol route, patrol time, patrol personnel, and other information, to ensure comprehensive coverage of patrol and effectively monitor the safety status of the station.
Patrol personnel patrol time, location, pictures, and other data are collected through the patrol reader and stored in the patrol system database for subsequent query and analysis.

Vehicle inspection

The daily mileage of public transport vehicles is very large, and issues such as vehicle safety, equipment status, and driver’s working status need to be monitored and dealt with in a timely manner. The patrol system can realize the real-time tracking of the vehicle’s driving path and the monitoring of the driver’s working status to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Equipment inspection

Public transportation facilities and equipment are frequently used, and daily maintenance and repair work is essential. The patrol system can realize regular patrol inspection of bus stations, bus vehicles and other facilities and equipment, find problems and deal with them in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Security Incident Response

Emergency events may occur in public transportation, such as traffic accidents, bus failures, etc. The patrol system can detect and feed back problems in time, assist relevant departments to deal with them in a timely manner, and minimize losses and impacts.
In the process of personnel inspection, once a security problem is found, it can be quickly reported through the patrol terminal equipment, and relevant video surveillance can be retrieved in time to strengthen the response ability to security incidents.

Benefit of JWM Guard Patrol System

  • Preset patrol plan
  • Real-time tracking of employee task completion
  • Monitor patrol route
  • Notification of abnormal events
  • SOS guard accident push
  • Comprehensive patrol report
  • Cloud software management system

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JWM is committed to providing security patrol solutions for global users, and creating a safe world is the goal pursued by JWM. Today, more and more enterprises and users around the world enjoy the security protection brought by the JWM guard patrol system. 

With the help of the JWM security patrol system, the safety level of public transportation and the public’s trust in public transportation safety can be improved.