Tianjin Medical University Security Patrolling System

Location:Tianjin Medical University

Project Necessity

JWM guard patrol system is not only an important measure to strengthen school security and stability but also an effective way to strengthen staff “self-management, self-education, self-prevention and self-service”. The security department of the school manages and supervises the security personnel by using patrol machines and trains the security personnel in ideology and business, making it a good helper to create a safe, civilized and harmonious campus.

Project Introduction

The security department of Tianjin medical university is responsible for daily safety and protection on campus, preventing accidents, ensuring personal and property safety, and ensuring students’ safety and health during school. In order to further strengthen school security and stability and the civilization construction work, Tianjin medical university JWM gurad tour system was

Solve Problems

1. Make patrol guards, time, task and patrol plan, conduct quantitative assessment on the work of security personnel, and avoid people leaving their posts;
2. Security guards can patrol the campus, office buildings, libraries, dormitories and all monitoring dead spots regularly and regularly through inductive patrol devices, reducing safety accidents caused by potential safety hazards;
3. To ensure the quality of patrol, problems can be understood and discovered in a timely manner, various conflicts can be resolved and handled as soon as possible, so as to avoid escalation and intensification of the situation;
4. Analyze and process patrol information through backstage software, provide useful information for security work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve problems in the bud, and prevent problems before they occur.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000ES