Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza Guard Tour System

Location: Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza

Project Necessity

With the development and progress of society, the safety management requirements of shopping malls are becoming more and more standardized. According to statistics, every year by the mall security dereliction of duty, mind paralysis and other human non-standard behavior caused by the accident rate accounted for more than 80%, so the mall security effective supervision and management, is undoubtedly to eliminate a variety of security hidden dangers of effective measures.


The management of the Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza is carried out by security guards through patrol. In order to effectively carry out scientific and effective management of security work and change the behavior of security guards who neglect their duties at work, Hang Lung Plaza introduces the JWM Guard Tour System. By setting up the patrol software, the management personnel can conduct unified report processing on the records of security guards, patrol time, patrol destination and security problems encountered in the process of security patrol, so that the patrol information can be clear at a glance. It is not only convenient for the management personnel to effectively manage the security inspection work, but also scientific management for the personnel, commodities and all kinds of equipment in the shopping mall, which reduces the hidden danger of safety and prevents the occurrence of accidents.

Project Introduction

Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza is located in the golden intersection of two major commercial “golden street”, helping road and Binjiang road in Tianjin. The smart streamlined shape and huge transparent glass ceiling highlight the quality and design of the project and create a sunny and comfortable modern leisure space in the bustling core business district. The centuries-old historic site “Zhejiang Xingye Bank” in the southeast corner has been planned as part of Hang Lung plaza, realizing the perfect integration of traditional and elegant European architecture and modern shopping centers.

Solve Problems

1. Inspect the stores of Hang Lung plaza according to the plan, so as to timely find problems and hidden dangers, conduct on-site management in case of emergencies, and maintain the business order of the mall.
2. Solve the problem of unclear prompts of traditional patrol status through voice broadcast.
3. Realize active fingerprint collection through semiconductor fingerprint identification technology, solve the problem of making fingerprint cover tours, and be responsible for human results.
4. Analyze and process the patrol information through the background software, provide useful information for the inspection work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve the problems in the bud and nip them in the bud.
5. Solved the security personnel’s dereliction of duty, reduced labor costs and put an end to data fraud, and provided scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis for managers.

Product Introduction

Fingerprint RFID Guard Tour System