Go to work to want to clock in you see many, security guards patrol also want to clock in, is it very novel?

In order to better carry out the regional public security prevention and control work and improve the sense of security of local residents, recently, the street innovation work ideas, the use of electronic patrol system, the use of digital, scientific, refined management means to improve the level of the regional public security prevention and control work, to achieve the daily patrol point, the appointment of people, the determination of routes work objectives.

Touch Ibutton Guard Patrol System – WM5000ES

Guard patrol system is an off-line intelligent system, which consists of three parts: patrol point, patrol better and management software. According to the patrol route set up in advance by the patrol system, the patrol officer will complete the patrol in the specified area within the specified time and arrive at the patrol point in the patrol route. The patrol officer will actually record the time and place of each patrol, and then record the patrol track of the patrol member.

At the present stage, the streets have set up 150 patrol points in key parts of the region and divided into 7 patrol areas. Three patrol teams, including security team, patrol team, and joint defense team, are divided into 7 groups for patrol. Each patrol group is responsible for a designated patrol area, which is distributed with about 20 points. Patrol members will pass all the patrol points from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and from 13:30 p.m. to 17:00 p.m. and clock in for several times.

In the process of patrol, it can not only effectively deter lawbreakers, but also timely find and solve urban management problems in municipal facilities, illegal construction, garbage, illegal small advertising, traffic facilities, landscaping, and other aspects through patrol, so as to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of regional patrol.

“We have adopted the patrol system. On the one hand, we can conduct quantifiable management of patrol personnel’s patrol situation. By punching in times and reporting urban management problems, we can determine rewards and punishments to improve the enthusiasm of patrol personnel. On the other hand, the patrol system can also increase the intensity of patrols on crowded places and key positions, so as to effectively play the role of chengguan patrol in urban management, “said the person in charge of the street comprehensive management office.

Patrolling system USES digital, scientific, fine management, implements the region search, optimization, efficient and controllable “science”, formed the integrated point and sphere, focused and strong comprehensive prevention and control of guard mode, effectively improve the community patrol effect, further enhance residents in the area of security and satisfaction.