The Reasons Security Company Need Guard Tour Software

Using patrol software to track your security guards is standard practice for contractors in most cases. Businesses use them because of the importance of accountability in the security industry, but one of the main reasons security companies might choose not to use patrol systems is cost. Although they look expensive. However, if you do a quick cost-benefit analysis, you will quickly realize that operating a site without a patrol system is often more expensive than a site with a patrol system.

Here’s why you need to use guard tour software:

1. Improved safety operation

If you ask the executives of most security companies how their business is doing, you’ll find that those who don’t use a patrol system can’t see further corners of the problem. And when seemingly trivial issues go unresolved, they can escalate and ultimately lead to customer churn.

With guard tour software, you can improve performance and reduce business risk.

2. Reduce on-site supervision

Oversight is essential to ensure that guards meet the required standards set out in the contract. For example, are patrols completed on time? Are critical areas safe? Do officers wear full uniforms? If you don’t invest enough in oversight, you increase the risk of losing your contract because you don’t meet your client’s expectations.

But investment regulation doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hire more people. Tours allow you to reduce the amount of manual oversight required by using automated monitoring, workflows, and alerts. The Guard Patrol system will alert you if a scheduled patrol is missed or an incident is recorded. And, since you can log in from anywhere, you can see if a guard is on site whether you’re in the office or at another site.

Patrol software allows you to manage more sites remotely, reducing supervisor labor costs and increasing contract profitability.

3. Save cost with real-time automated reporting

Customers want to receive reports that they are getting what they paid for. In many cases, this involves supervisors or managers bringing together multiple data sources and manually compiling them into daily or weekly reports, which can result in spending an hour or more per week serving them every day. client reports. That might not seem like much, but for 10 clients, 10 hours a week can be devoted to more important activities.

What if there was a way to completely eliminate the time spent on reporting? This is exactly what guard tour software does. The patrol system automatically records all safety activity at each site in real time and packages the information into customer-friendly reports that are delivered to their inboxes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Not only do you save supervisors time, but you also provide a better customer experience.

These are just some of the benefits a modern patrol software system can bring to your security business. Investing in a patrol system can lead to better performance, faster growth and less churn.