Electronic patrolling system is currently used in China railway, bank, army, public security, postal services, telecommunications, mobile, grain, oil, chemical industry, public transport, highway, enterprises and institutions, and commercial city, hotel, science and technology building, residential property management and so on all walks of life, because this system will implement safety management received better effect, use, benefits, here small make up to introduce the patrolling several main USES and benefits.

The electronic patrol system is a means for managers to check whether the patrol arrives at the designated place according to the patrol route at the specified time. Patrol system helps managers to understand the performance of patrol personnel, and managers can change patrol routes at any time through software to meet the needs of different occasions.

Electronic Patrol System USES:
1.Patrolmen shall carry them with them to patrol several important places of work to check the situation;
2.Security guard, patrol, check, find and deal with various problems at various points in the community;
3.Nurses, to the important ward, many times, point, time, inspection, record the patient’s condition;
4.The mine, the coal mine, a variety of precious metals, rare metals, and so on, to prone to accidents, the inspection, record the situation;
5.Prisons and detention houses shall conduct 24-hour fixed-point, timed and unlimited patrols on each guard point of prisons and detention houses.

Advantages of Electronic Patrol System:
1. From the perspective of work: improve work efficiency, prevent laziness and eliminate non-patrol;
2.From the perspective of life: for everyone’s life, property, personal safety, more than a guarantee.