The Importance of the Guard Patrol System

A guard patrol system is a tool used to help businesses (i.e. security companies) schedule, coordinate and manage patrols. The system combines a software platform with simple hardware. These guard rounds are important to find out the whereabouts and level of alertness of the security guards on duty. There are many advanced devices available today to assist guards on patrols and ensure security personnel perform their duties.

There are several guard tour systems to choose from with different capabilities, but any worthwhile system will increase efficiency and simplify management and staff tedious or repetitive tasks.

Guard patrol systems can be divided into two categories: guard wand and cloud guard tour systems. The guard wand system consists of a handheld device. The technology is a bit old, but it still gets the job done. Cloud systems operate using mobile devices and cloud technology. Companies tend to prefer cloud-based systems because it is more convenient. Guards get far more work done with a smartphone than with a wand. For example, if a guard finds a piece of equipment not working properly while on patrol, they can take a photo and attach it to a report or log, or they can take notes under a checkpoint. They can continue patrolling, and if the problem seems urgent, they can call. All of this can be done with a small device.

Which industries benefit from the guard patrol system?

Security companies are most likely to invest in patrol systems. However, companies and building security teams can also purchase subscriptions and hardware if they don’t use the patrol system.
Educational institutions can use the tool to improve student and teacher safety.
Commercial real estate organizations get extra protection for the properties they own.
Warehouse departments can better protect merchandise.
Cleaning and maintenance services can use it to manage their facilities and staff.

Patrol system makes your team life easier

Pen and paper are easy to use, but it’s not easy to keep track of each guard’s paper log.

In the past, every time they passed a checkpoint, guards had to use a pen and paper to confirm whether they passed the checkpoint or even take a picture with a mobile phone. This information is only available for viewing at the end of a guard’s shift.

The cloud-based system automates the entire patrol process by allowing guards to register at checkpoints using their mobile phones. No pen or paper required. Any information from the doorman is automatically uploaded to the software platform, which the owner or manager can access whenever needed.

Patrol creates a system to improve accuracy and organization

Another benefit of using a software system to assist with security management is that patrols, logs and reports are the same no matter who filled it out. This ensures that every report contains important facts and details. If a report is required as evidence, rest assured that the report will be detailed enough to provide authorities with information they can use.

If old reports need to be reviewed, management can go into the system and pull them out in seconds. They don’t have to be on site or go through thick documents.