The Importance of Guard Tour System in Safe Community

With the development of the society and the progress of science and technology, the management requirements of all walks of life are becoming more and more scientific, standardized and data-oriented.

In the past, all kinds of safety accidents happened frequently with the dereliction of duty and fluke psychology of working staff, and the proportion of accidents caused by this kind of behavior was as high as 80%, so the guard patrol system undoubtedly became a powerful measure for patrol personnel to eliminate all kinds of security risks.

In the process of “safe city” construction, community for security is becoming more and more attention, in order to strengthen the community management of work safety, as well as the management of the security officer on duty work, guard patrol system for security guards patrolling scheme of a necessary system, due to the application of guard tour system in community, promotes the prevention and management of security and consumption of community, community managers through guard patrol system to make security guard patrol management measures as stipulated in the property management office to regular patrols of floors, it not only can find potential safety hazard in time, in order to solve the security hidden danger in time. And this kind of patrol way can strengthen the safety work of the community greatly, carry on effective supervision and management to the security guard on duty member’s patrolling work.

When the guard patrol system works, it will arrange patrol points at the places where patrol is needed. It will store the information on geographical location, and the patrol personnel will be equipped with a personnel card, which will store the identification information of the patrol personnel. Guards use patrol reader to read tags(which contain location information), patrolling opportunity automatic storage, place, time and so on patrol record inspectors, and then insert the patrolling machine through the data line computer USB interface, only a few seconds of time, can to upload patrolling records within the computer and generate the patrolling reports. The statement can truly and accurately reflect the patrol situation: there is no leakage patrol, whether to patrol on time, whether to patrol according to the prescribed route.

With the introduction of more and more new technologies into the guard patrol system, the guard tour system has become increasingly mature, serving every community and even other more complex security patrol tasks, which has played a good role in preventing accidents.