The Components of the Guard Patrol Systems

The guard patrol system is created to solve the loopholes and shortcomings in the security management of various industries. On the one hand, the system plays a role of timely detection and deterrence in the role of safety precautions, can significantly improve the quality of patrol work and safety management level, and avoid economic losses and unclear responsibilities caused by management loopholes. On the other hand, the heavy work of security guard is reflected in a quantified form, which is convenient for the patrol work and coordination, so that managers realize the importance of patrolling.
The guard patrol system is mainly composed of three parts: patrol reader, checkpoint and software.

Patrol reader:

It is carried by the security guard during the patrol and used to patrol the sites and equipment set by the patrol plan. Divided into touch, RFID, and real-time, GPS, and security guard APP.

Traditional touch guard tour system: It requires a download station. When uploading/downloading data, one end of the download station is connected to the patrol reader and one end is connected to the computer through a USB data cable. This design is not cost-effective. In order to simplify the work process, there is the emergence of WM5000-ES. The original tag reading way is maintained, the cost of the “communication socket” is eliminated, and the patrol reader is directly connected to the computer through the USB data cable when communicating, which is convenient and cost-effective. 

RFID guard tour system: RFID guard tour system patrol adopts radio frequency identification technology (RFID), there is no need to touch the checkpoint when reading the tag, and the device can be identified 3-5cm away from the checkpoint. Only one USB cable is needed to connect to the computer during communication.
Online guard tour system: Online guard tour system does not require a download station and USB cable, directly sends the patrol data in real time (via GPRS/3G/4G/WIFI), which greatly improves the efficiency of patrolling.
GPS guard tour system: GPS patrol system adds the function of GPS positioning on the basis of online type. After the security guard holds the patrol reader to the designated patrol site, the patrol reader will automatically read the tag and automatically send the patrol data to the management center. During patrolling, the trajectory of the guards can be monitored in real-time. It is the most effective means of supervision.
Security guard APP: We-patrol App is a security guard app that works in smart devices and supports the two mainstream mobile operating systems of Android and iOS. Relying on the hardware support in the smart device, support four patrol mode: NFC/ GPS/ QR code/Bluetooth, and synchronize the patrol data to the management terminal through the wireless network.


It is used to place on a site or equipment that must be patrolled to represent a patrol site.

According to the way of use, it is divided into two types: touch ibutton and non-contact checkpoint.

Touch ibutton: It has a frequency of 125KHz and looks like a metal button battery.

Non-contact checkpoint: This type of checkpoint uses RFID automatic identification technology. According to the different functions, it is divided into ordinary checkpoints, luminous checkpoints, concealed checkpoints, guard ID Tag.

According to the different working frequencies, it is divided into 125kHz checkpoint, 13.56MHz patrol point, 2.4G checkpoint, and Bluetooth checkpoint.


Installed on the computer, you can set the route name, security guard name, location name, patrol schedule. Analyze and process relevant patrol data and plans, provide detailed patrol reports, and correctly handle patrol results (you can also tailor-made according to your own actual situation) for managers to consult.

Divided into the stand-alone version, B/S version, cloud software.

It is worth mentioning that cloud software provides users with great convenience and security in use. Cloud software has fewer requirements for the user’s network environment and supports multiple device login software. Users do not need to maintain software and do not need to worry about database loss.