In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people pay special attention to the quality of life. It’s not just trains and cars, like long-distance travel, traveling abroad, most people will choose to take a faster plane. Where there are too many people, there are bound to be hidden dangers. And how to control the hidden danger, is the airport management personnel need to solve the problem. The security guard can not do everything every day, then good patrol products are particularly important. In order to avoid security risks, a security guard needs to implement round-the-clock security in non-controlled areas of the airport and carry out irregular patrol:
  • 1. Check whether the safe passage is smooth and whether there is debris jam;
  • 2. Whether the lighting and wiring are aged or not, and electricity leakage;
  • 3. Check whether the monitoring equipment is damaged, whether the fire hydrants are corroded, and whether they are available at any time;
  • 4. Maintain the order of passengers and stop any conflict immediately;
  • 5. Inspect whether there are any suspicious personnel to steal, and regulate the order of personnel inside and outside the hall;

Electronic guard patrol system makes guards patrol more efficiently. The management center application software system sets the patrol plan, installs the patrol point, and the guards carries out the patrol according to the patrol plan. Every time you arrive at a patrol point, you need to use the patrol reader and patrol point to punch. After completing the patrol, you can connect the patrol reader with the computer in the management center with the data, import the data into the computer, and generate the spreadsheet.

Solve Problems

  •  1. Mobilize the enthusiasm of security personnel, increase the frequency of patrol inspection, timely find security hidden dangers, and solve dangerous factors in the bud; 
  • 2. Form a good image of security and deter criminals; 
  • 3. The patrol data form electronic files,