Technical Guard Tour FAQ

Common Questions

Our software has database backup and restore function. You could restore database in the new computer.

Yes, our software has a function called “remain time”. If started, it will show the remaining time in patrol report.

Yes, some devices have a pedometer function. And you could start this function at “Reader Parameter”.

Yes, There is a function called “Earlier or Late Time”, It could allow guards to patrol a few minutes earlier than planed time.

A static IP, fixed local IP, if there is no static IP, you need to buy a Dynamic DNS. Do port mapping. Close firewall and any other anti-virus software.

Yes, but you have to set up different patrol time or bind a device for every plan.

You can set up the “Backup Automatically Path” and “Backup Automatically Days”. The default file location is at the data-backup folder in the next disk of the software.

Open windows firewall, click “advanced settings”, “inbound rule” and  “New Rule”.Select “Port”, then input your port. Setup “outbound rules”, it is the same with “inbound rule”.

No. One account could not be logged in by two PCs at the same time, but you can create some new operators and set their permissions.

Click “Data Maintenance” and “Device List”, select the old device and click “replace device”.

Call the sim card company or search in Google.

Click “Data Maintenance” and “System Parameter Setup”. Special functions are off by default and need to be turned on manually.

Installation, Login and Registration Related Questions

Turn off the Firewall when install the software.
Wrong device version, please check with sales manager.
Wrong software, please change software to 1.1 version.
Wrong software, please change software to 6.5 version.

Basic Settings Related Questions

Please type ’before the numbers (tag ID) ; GPS checkpoints and physical checkpoints cannot be in the same sheet.
Remove the same checkpoints. And make sure if any checkpoints be set as a guard ID tag.
In order to make the verification more accurate, we recommend that you add the same fingerprint for two rounds.
Go to set a temporary plan.
  • If the voice function is enabled.
  • Please bind any checkpoints.
  • Change to the latest version software.
In order to make sure the input phone number correct and call function work normally, we suggest that you can try to confirm what is the call-in number is shown on the screen. Then type those number in the same way on our software.
When select the numbers for downloading, you have to select all the items.
Run software as administrator, go to the device parameter settings to set time zone. Choose the correct time zone.
Go to the device parameter settings to set device parameter. (No need to change anything, just click setup is ok).

Data Upload and Inquiry Related Questions

  • If guard scan the tag within the schedule.
  • If device has assigned to any specific plan.
  • Read data at beginning, then create a plan.
  • Data is in processing.
  • System is set as sequence patrol.
  • Cannot get GPS data and no guard name. (For GPS device)
  • Guard didn’t read ID tag, while the information is downloaded in the device.
Google chrome needed be updated.
  • Not choose plan.
  • Current time must be in the schedule set.
  • Not go patrol among the buildings.
  • Error range cannot be set as 0
  • Device not positioning successfully.
  • Beyond the time range (24 hours).
Check the port 2013 is open or not.