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Bank Bank is very important in each country. It is a financial institutions that has the business of deposits, loans, wire transfers and savings. Nowdays, bank not only has business hall but also ATM all over the world. So bank patrol becomes more and more important. JWM Guard Tour System solve the security question.
Guards use guard tour system patrol as plan and protect the banks security.


National Bank of Egypt Case
Application Equipment: WM-5000V8, WM-5000T8
Equipment Quantity: 100 sets
Use Company: National Bank of Egypt
Project Name: WM-5000V8 Guard Tour System

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Project Introduction
NBE is the first business bank in Egypt that establish in June, 1989. NBE plays the important role in different economic and political stage in Egypt. Since 1960s, NBE in charge of manage savings certificates as the representative of Egypt government.

Application Solution
1. WM-5000V8 Guard Tour System manage to patrol 60 or so NBE Bank Branches.
2. Each week patrol 7 days. Each day divided into day and night time. There have 2 team guards patrol one by one.
3. Guards patrol the ATM at all street and the important place in bank including lobby business for inspection, fire key check and cash transport channel check.

Solve Problems
1. JWM Guard Tour System ensure guards patrol regularly.
2. JWM Guard Tour System help guards find problems and contact with management center on time.

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