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Bus patrol management system

The guard patrol management system is applied in bus industry together with the reward and punishment system of the public transport company; the purpose is mainly to monitor the driver in order that it can be assured for every bus to reach every station on time according to the schedule; after the project is applied, the bus departs on time with uniformed speed and reasonable interval, and passenger waiting time is also shortened;

1.Each bus is equipped with a reader, each reader is set up with license plate, so that each reader represents a bus; besides, every driver has a guard ID tag which is edited with his name, and every station is equipped with a tag which is edited with its name, so that every site tag represents a station;
2.When a driver starts to work, he should use the reader to read his guard ID tag, and use the reader to read the tag installed on the station from where he departs, so that the bus , the departure station, the driver, and the date and time will be recorded in the reader, thus, we can monitor the work of every driver effectively;
3.When the bus reach the 2/3 driving route, he should use the reader to read the tag installed there beforehand; the purpose is to prevent the bus to exceed the speed limit to ensure the security of the passengers;

Advantages :
All in all, as the guard patrol system is applied in bus transportation filed, the work efficiency of the driver is highly increased; besides, the security of the passengers is also heightened, and the waiting time of the passengers is highly shortened; the application of the bus patrol management provides more convenience to people on normal life.

Liaoning Province Expressway service area security patrol case

Brief introduction

Liaoning Province Expressway Development Group was founded in 1993. It has 24 subsidiaries and They manage 68 service station for expressway. 


1. Application equipment: Guard tour system WM-5000V5
2. The Service stations appear double at two sides of Expressway. Each service station need one set guard tour system. There are about 10 important places need to be check in one service station. Such as Gas station, dining room, working area, lavatory, repair depot , mini-supermarket and so on. There are 15 guards for one service station.
3. Each service station need to be checked six times every day. The leader of guards need to check the two service stations four times every day.


1. Put an end to the security guard cannot be scientific, accurate assessment of the phenomenon, effectively supervise the daily patrol work, the patrol personnel management is implemented;
2. It is effectively to deal with kinds of emergencies and improve the work efficiency highly.
3. The patrolling of important place, that reduce the incidence of crime and the loss of property.

The Photos

The checkpoint fixed on the wall

The manager of gas station was reading the checkpoint tag

The guard was working.

The person who was on duty to read checkpoint tag.

Johannesburg O.R Tambo International Airport


Airport is a very important place in transport. In addition, there are many areas in the airport need to be patrolling. Thus, the guards patrolling on time becomes very important. Guards use JWM Guard Tour System ensure airports security.

Application Solution

1. The patrol checkpoints are mainly installed in security doors, floors , toilets and all exports.
2. Guards patrol the security doors, floors and exports once an hour.
3. Cleaners read the checkpoint on the toilet after cleaning.

Solve Problems

1. Guards patrol on time ensure the airport’s security.
2. Guard tour system let cleaners cleaning on time. The clean environment give each passenger a happy mood.
3. Guards find problems by use guard tour system. So guard tour system help managers resolve problems real time.

Project Introduction

The OR Tambo Airport also known as OR Tambo International Airport is an international airport which is a major airport situated in Kempton Park in Gauteng which is near Johannesburg. OR Tambo Airport is the hub for most international and domestic travel from and in South Africa and is able to cope with 28 million passengers per year. The OR Tambo Airport is also the centre for South African Airways which is South Africa’s largest domestic and international flight carrier as well as local airlines that fly domestically.

Application Equipment: WM-5000L5
Equipment Quantity: 500 sets
Use Company: Johannesburg O.R Tambo International Airport
Project Name: WM-5000L5 Guard Tour System

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