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Medical Hospital Nursing Management System
Application Introduction:
Hospital is an institution where provide health care service to residents and maintain patient’s safety while stay. So doctor, nurse’s ward-round will be the most important factor for one hospital to reflect it’s strictly management. Doctor, nurse’s ward-round is to better check patient’s body condition, medications, and find emergency patients, so that they can take action timely to help patient out of danger and recover health.
For the ward-round of ICU, most hospital needs nurse to check patient’s body condition every 15minutes. From our hospital nursing management system, management can clearly check whether nurse make the ward-round or not according to the rules.
For the general ward round, most hospital need nurse to check once every day. So from our software, hospital will know how many nurses comes for this ward-round, and the nurse just need to record patient’s condition and medication.
For the night ward-round, expect ICU patient, nurse need make round for every patient. Via our system, hospital will clear know the nurse’s working condition in night shift, for example: at certain time, which ward the nurse is in, and how long the nurse stays in one ward etc…
Hospital Nursing Management System
The hospital nursing management system includes: RFID tags, reader, data communication cable, management software etc…
How it Works:
Install RFID tag at each ward’s key point, doctor or nurse should carry the reader during ward-round, and use the reader to scan the RFID tag after checking. Reader will save RFID tag’s data as one record automatically (including ward name, reading time). Uploading ward-round records to software via communication cable, and software will auto process those records according to the pre-programmed schedule, and generate ward-round report. Those reports’ data can’t be modified, thus guarantee software real display the working condition for doctor and nurse, avoid the nurse doesn’t work on her duty, or omit some patient’s checking during ward-round.
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