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security guard security guard
  Recently, security becomes more and more important since the number of crimes all over the world jumped every year! In such fields where security patrols are the most important part of the operations such as mining, industrial manufacturing (factory), telecommunications, an...
Transportation Transportation
The guard patrol management system is applied in bus industry together with the reward and punishment system of the public transport company; the purpose is mainly to monitor the driver in order that it can be assured for every bus to reach every station on time according to the ...
Education Education
  The children are our family’s hope. Every family wants to let their children grow up happily and safely. But the parents cannot be with their children always time, and the children are so naughty sometimes. For example, they don’t go school or go home sometimes. So how ...
Medical Medical
  Hospital is an institution where provide health care service to residents and maintain patient’s safety while stay. So doctor, nurse’s ward-round will be the most important factor for one hospital to reflect it’s strictly management. Doctor, nurse’s ward-round is to...
Bank Bank
Bank is very important in each country. It is a financial institutions that has the business of deposits, loans, wire transfers and savings.
Shopping Mall Shopping Mall
    As the society’s development and progress, the management work becomes scientific and digitization more and more.
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