In the era of “Internet of everything”, the Internet is rapidly promoting the upgrading of traditional industries related to people’s lives. The transformation and upgrading of community, an important life scene, is inevitably inseparable from the innovation and empowerment of science and technology. Smart property from the end user’s practical needs to create a real intelligent property management scene. 

Its highly integrated video surveillance, access control, video intercom, elevator control, alarm, guard patrol system, attendance, visitor management, community information, parking management, intelligent building control, multiple functions such as business management business, to build an intelligent assets, business, property management and the whole scene of intelligent management system, a system can support the wisdom property of the security services, property management, business circle, smart home, and various application scenarios.

Smart property

More intelligent and convenient home life Making property more intelligent and life more convenient. Intelligent hardware such as intelligent face recognition access control, intelligent circuit breaker, intelligent cloud control machine, patrol system, and other intelligent hardware and intelligent property management software jointly create a full-scene intelligent service ecological chain, providing users with a perfect intelligent home occupancy experience.

 Smarter and more efficient property management Intelligent property management from “quality” to “wisdom” leap. Through the parking lot management, intelligent entrance guard management and property patrolling management services of quality inspection, repair order delivery, engineering, maintenance, energy consumption, service indicators such as highly integrated management for all kinds of professional subsystem, finally realize all the project of digital management, visualization and intelligent, property management is more simple and efficient. 

More open biosphere Using advanced mobile Internet technology, Internet of things, big data, “Internet + property” and other advanced ideas, build wisdom property ecosystem, for property companies, real estate developers to provide one-stop solution for wisdom, such as through intellectual property, wisdom business circle, such as activation of wisdom property ecosystem, realize the owners, property management, real estate, business, and win-win situation. Smart property from the IT era to the DT era, and then to the IoT era, the era of full scene intelligence is coming. From traditional basic services to smart services, from residential property services to office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, urban complex and other forms of services, for the construction of smart quality life continued efforts.