Smart Patrol of Shenzhen Peninsula City State Property


Urgent Problem

  • The manager cannot know whether the security guard perform patrols as required and cannot accurately verify;
  • The corridors are often unchecked, causing waste to accumulate, affecting sanitation in the building, and blocking the corridors;
  • The security of the property needs to be on duty 24 hours a day. The security is often negligent and lazy, and the manager cannot know;


  • Use the We-patrol APP to read the checkpoint data and record the time of arrival at each location;
  • Install checkpoint in each building, enter the location into the system, and make a patrol plan;
  • Develop a duty layout plan through the mobile patrol management system and enter the system;


  • The data is sent back to the management center in real-time to clearly analyze whether the security guard conduct patrol according to regulations;
  • Security guard patrol the corridors on time according to the patrol plan to ensure that each corridor is clean and unobstructed;
  • The system automatically organizes security patrol data, and the patrol situation is clear at a glance;


According to the actual situation of the community, the property manager installs QR code patrol points at each location that needs to be patrolled. At the same time, security guard are arranged to enter the patrol time and the location of the QR code into the mobile phone patrol management cloud platform. Automatically organize patrol plans. When patrolling, security guard use the patrol APP installed on the smartphone to scan the QR code to patrol the patrol points, deal with problems in time, and report to the management center through the APP (sent in the form of text, voice, photo, and video). The mobile phone patrol system can organize the security patrol data into patrol reports. The inquiry report records the time when the security guard arrives at each QR code location and the reported problems. Abnormal data such as missed patrols will be specially marked. The situation is clear at a glance, accurate and clear.

Solve Problem

  • Solve the situation of security guard’s negligence of duty, the omission of patrols and non-patrols;
  • It solves the situation of poor sanitation and hidden dangers caused by waste accumulation in the corridors and safety exits of the community;
  • The security guard of the property needs to be on duty 24 hours a day. The security is often negligent and lazy, and the manager cannot know it;