Smart Management of Liaoning Provincial Museum

In recent years, with the gradual implementation of the free and open policy, museums have become an important place for people to receive cultural education. At the same time, due to the increase in the number of visitors, the safety management tasks of the museum have become increasingly onerous. In order to strengthen the safety management of the museum, the Liaoning Provincial Museum chose the JWM electronic guard patrol system as an important security management method for daily security patrols to prevent, control and contain various safety accidents and emergencies, and ensure the safety of personnel and cultural relics.

Urgent problems

The paper-based sign-in record information is inconvenient to store, easy to cheat, and time-consuming. The data can be uploaded uniformly after the patrol of the ordinary patrol machine, and the information is lagging. The museum cannot effectively supervise night duty, and the safety of the museum cannot be guaranteed. 



Record the patrol personnel and the time of arrival at the patrol point when the patrol machine reads the card. WM-5000L4 patrol wand has the function of real-time data transmission, and the data is automatically uploaded after reading the card. Develop a duty patrol plan and arrange patrol personnel through the electronic patrol system.


The patrol record is accurate and clear, the data can be stored permanently, and the record can be followed. During the security patrol, the manager can also remotely monitor the patrol status. The system can accurately and clearly record the patrol situation of the duty personnel.

Project Background

The Liaoning Provincial Museum was a comprehensive museum. Its predecessor was the Northeast Museum, which opened on July 7, 1949. It was the first museum established in New China. It is known at home and abroad for its rich collections and distinctive features.


According to the actual patrol system of the museum, the manager installs patrol points at each location that needs to be patrolled, and then sets the patrol point after sensing with the patrol machine as the name of the corresponding position through the electronic patrol system, and sets the position of the patrol point, Patrol time, period, and names of security personnel are entered into the patrol system, and a patrol plan is made. 


During security patrols, a handheld patrol machine is required to read the card at each patrol point according to the patrol plan. The patrol machine automatically stores the card reading location and time and uploads the data to the management center in real time. The patrol system automatically organizes the data The patrol report is completed for the manager to view.

Product model: WM-5000L4

WM-5000L4 patrol wand is an online patrol wand that integrates real-time transmission, voice prompts and SOS alarms. The patrol machine adopts ABS engineering plastics, two-color integrated injection, the overall design is compact, all components and plates are fixed without screws. Beautiful appearance with outstanding physical and thermal performance. The military design is fully waterproof, anti-fall and shockproof. It can still work normally when it falls freely from a height of 30 meters. It is a truly robust induction patrol machine with three defenses.

Solved Problem

  • 1. Solved the problem of inconvenient storage of paper-based sign-in record information, easy cheating, and time-consuming work; 
  • 2. Solve the situation that the data can be uploaded uniformly after the patrol of the ordinary patrol machine, and the information is lagging; 
  • 3. Solved the situation that the museum cannot effectively supervise the night duty;