Shenzhen Kylin Mountain Sanatorium guard patrol system

Location:Shenzhen Kylin Mountain Sanatorium

Project Necessity

Sanitarium is not a place that simply provides catering accommodation. With the progress of The Times, sanitarium has developed into a comprehensive enterprise that can provide people with medical care, catering entertainment, sports and leisure, conference reception, logistics support and other kinds of treatment and recuperation services.
Nursing home safety and different from the general enterprise factory, enterprise factory is facing more equipment and facilities and perennial work in the position of technical workers, whether equipment and facilities or people are permanently fixed group, so more conducive to management; In addition to the same common features mentioned above, nursing homes also have a very uncertain factor – ” Floating Personnel”.

Project Introduction

Shenzhen kylin mountain sanatorium as an international standard of modern nursing homes, a high number of persons gathered. In the normal operation, recuperation safety issues become more and more important, from fire safety, food safety, medical safety, there are certain risks. This puts a higher demand on the safety of our work during convalescence. After a long time of research, kylin mountain sanitarium finally introduced the JWM guard patrol system . Strengthen the assessment of patrol guard through electronic management, so that every patrol personnel can check the important places of the nursing home as required, and kill the hidden danger in the cradle.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol according to the requirement can be examined for illegal use and store flammable and explosive;
2. Check whether smoking, throwing cigarette butts and matches in violation of regulations, and conduct key inspection of places where smoking is forbidden;
3. Check whether there is any occupation, blockage, closure of evacuation channels, safety exits or other phenomena that hinder the safe evacuation;
4. Focus on checking whether there is any damage, misuse or unauthorized demolition, stop the use of fire control facilities, equipment phenomenon and timely treatment and replacement of the problem facilities;
5. Put an end to the phenomenon of staff leaving their posts, and ensure uninterrupted inspection, supervision, and service to eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards in the bud;

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5