Shenzhen Bao ‘an District Government Guard Patrolling System

Location: Shenzhen bao ‘an district government

Project Necessity

In the past, the patrol of baoan district government building was carried out on the basis of the consciousness of the security guards. Some security guards, with their own experience, falsified the patrol records, slacked off during patrol, destroyed check-in tools and so on, causing great trouble to the management staff.


In order to strengthen the security management of the government office building in baoan district, shenzhen, JWM has developed a self-sensing photo-guard tour system according to its needs. Through this set of system, the security guards can carry out regular and fixed patrols according to the prescribed patrol management methods, so as to find hidden dangers and solve them in time. This patrol mode can greatly strengthen the security work of the district government, and effectively supervise and manage the patrol work of the security guards.

Project Introduction

Baoan is facing pressure and challenges from regional competition, industrial transformation, resources and environment. After the adjustment of administrative divisions, “new baoan” urgently needs to re-plan its strategic positioning and establish the goal and path of sustainable development in the future. In order to create a new baoan city that is more beautiful, livable and livable, the district government and the municipal planning and land commission jointly organized and formulated the comprehensive plan of baoan.

Solve Problems

1. Solved the problem of excessive reliance on the responsibility of security guards, making it difficult to supervise and evaluate performance
2. The management personnel through the background patrolsoftware management, make patrol plan, define patrol route and patrol guards and other functions, greatly improve the patrol efficiency
3. One-button alarm function. When security guards find an emergency during patrol, they can press the one-button alarm function to avoid accidents.
4. Ensure that security guards conduct regular patrol of property infrastructure and fire fighting equipment, take photos of abnormalities or emergencies found in the guard tour, and restore the site and record.

Product Introduction

Model: WM 5000F3