Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Guard Tour System

Location: Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

Project Necessity

With the rapid development of the society, more and more airport construction tends to modernization, no matter from the scale or hardware have international level. However, a modern airport should not only meet the travel requirements of passengers, but also leave comfortable leisure and entertainment space for passengers. The manager should operate the airport like a shopping mall, provide the best service for passengers so as to give full play to its commercial value, so as to become a truly first-class modern airport.


The security guards hold the guard tour system to carry on the patrol to the specific area, the patrol information passes the GPRS wireless transmission way, transmits the data back to the management center. In the electronic map of the management software, the manager can view the patrol track and card reading information of the patrol in real-time, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring, scheduling, and management. During the patrol, you can take photos of the actual scene, write notes, and transmit the patrol and maintenance status to the management center through wireless transmission. Management personnel through the management software to check the patrol track and maintenance implementation picture information, site information at a glance.

Project Introduction

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is a national first-class civil airport. At present, there are more than 210 planes taking off and landing every day, forming a flight network covering northeast Asia. Taoxian airport project department of Liaoning power property management co., LTD is responsible for the daily inspection of Taoxian airport and the patrol task of the terminal substation to ensure the safe and reliable power operation of Taoxian airport.

Solve Problems

1. You can set up patrol lines in each area and deploy patrol tasks of power lines and facilities at all levels.
2. Realize real-time monitoring of security guards and achieve the purpose of centralized management and scheduling.
3. Record the arrival time, residence time and track of the security guards in each patrol area.
4. Collected and statistically analyzed the data of patrol, and assessed the patrol situation.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System