Shenyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone Guard Tour System

Shenyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone Guard Tour System

Project Necessity

The significance of Shenyang comprehensive bonded zone, not only become an important port city of Shenyang function node, its significance lies in a deeper level, with its unique function promote health and sustainable development, outgoing city industry chain, to a city or even a large urban agglomeration by sea and the world closely together, and eventually make regional economic rapidly into the embrace of globalization.


Through the use of the JWM GPS patrol management system to maintain the functional areas of patrol and public security management problems. Patrols carry GPS guard tour system device, according to the rules of plan, through to the bonded area of each function area patrol, ensure the safety of the regional operation, at the same time a handheld GPS devices can transform the security guards trajectory information to the management center, implements the effective supervision and management of maintenance security guards, to achieve the purpose of scientific management.

Project Introduction

Shenyang comprehensive free trade zone is in the integration of the original in Liaoning Shenyang export processing zone and bonded logistics center in Shenyang, Shenyang Zhang Shi export processing zone, established on the basis of gathering the bonded port area, bonded logistics park and export processing zones and other areas under special customs supervision of preferential policies, the virtual port is located in the inland, is inland port function extension.

Solve Problems

1. JWM intelligent patrol management system strengthens the scientific means of safety prevention management and has advanced technology.
2. Through the management terminal set up in the management center, complete the setup of patrol points and patrol lines in the bonded area and the deployment of security guards.
3. The management center can review the patrol route of the security guards remotely, assess the work of the security guards, realize the real-time monitoring of the patrol guards on the spot, and achieve the purpose of centralized management.
4. Solve the emergency treatment of on-site emergencies and realize the emergency mobilization of on-site personnel.
5. Realize the uploading of all patrol track and patrol data, and provide track playback and data query.
6. Upload the data to the management center and form the work report of bonded area patrol events.

Product Introduction

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System