Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group Patrol Application

Location: Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group

Project Necessity

1. The patrol record can be signed by others, but it cannot be guaranteed that the patrol personnel will change shifts at will, which will affect the production order.
2. The paper version of patrol check-in and record information preservation is inconvenient and time-consuming.
3. When you want to query information, it is very inconvenient to do defect analysis on the data, which is not conducive to making solutions.


Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group, affiliated to China Aviation Industry Group Corporation, is a large modern aircraft manufacturing enterprise with aviation product manufacturing as its core business and integrating scientific research, production, test and test flight. It is an important research and production base for fighter aircraft in China. Safety is the premise of production and the foundation of all work. In order to strengthen the safety management, Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system to be used as the patrol tool of the production line patrol personnel.

Project Introduction

The management personnel shall install the checkpoints on the patrol line and use the guard tour patrol software system to schedule the patrol personnel. According to their own schedule plan, the patrol personnel shall carry out the patrol work by holding the guard tour system reader in contact with the checkpoints. The record shall be taken as the basis for completing the work and assessment.
Specifically check the following aspects:
1. Check the fire safety of production and processing workshops in crowded places and labor-intensive production lines.
2. Check whether the transformer distribution operation conforms to the relevant safety requirements; check whether the wiring overlap in the electrical wiring laying, distribution cabinet and other facilities is standard; check whether the maintenance work conforms to the procedures; check insulation tools, insulation supplies are complete and effective, etc.
3. Check the scientific research production and test two site safety management, review the safety management of unit of the same area more homework, check the machine and large components hoisting, boiler and pressure vessel operation whether on-site safety management standard, check whether the related party management is satisfy the security requirements, check the holidays to work overtime, leadership shift, the night operations such as special cases of the safety management is in place.

Solve Problems

1. The application of the guard tour patrol management system can effectively solve the problems of missing and missing patrol.
2. Replace the traditional check-in form, adopt a more scientific, efficient and intuitive way to unify the management of patrol and form report documents.
3. Increased the means of management, to achieve the purpose of maintenance and management.
4. Supervise the staff to check the equipment on time to ensure the normal operation of all functions of the equipment and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5