Shanxi Tianhejia Property Patrol Tour System

Location: Shanxi Tianhejia Property

Project Necessity

1. The cable insulation of a high-grade office building in Haidian District, Beijing is aging, and the short-circuit between the phases is caused by a fire, causing a large-scale power outage. On November 9th of the same year, a compensating capacitor cabinet exploded in a high-end international conference building in Haidian District, and the smoke spread to the entire building…
2. With the continuous development of large-scale, super-high-rise and intelligent buildings, the engineering equipment equipped in the office building is also developing towards large-capacity, large-scale planning, and large-scale systems. In the past, only large-scale power, weak electricity, and electromechanical equipment that can only be seen in industrial enterprises are now common equipment in high-end office buildings.
3. Ensuring the safe operation of office buildings has become an increasingly important issue in the security of modern office buildings. This is also the most important issue for owners to choose their workplace.

Project Introduction

Jiahe Center is a 5A Grade A office building. The tenants are highly volatile, and there are many external staff. It is difficult to handle public security. After a period of research and trial use, Tianhejia Property Management Co., Ltd. finally chose to use the JWM patrol management system for patrol management work, giving the owners a safe and comfortable working environment. Through electronic management, property and security guards are required to master the rented units and personnel at all levels of the office building and master key areas of the building. At the same time, the security facilities of the office building are regularly patrol, the implementation of the security measures of the rented units is checked, and the monitoring facilities are often repaired and maintained. In addition, it is necessary to conduct safety patrols on office garages, basements, elevators, vents, bathrooms, water rooms, etc., to find problems and deal with them in time.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol, as required, can ensure that patrols such as rooftops, elevator rooms, pump rooms, power distribution rooms, telephone rooms, water tanks, warehouses, etc. are not patrolled. Once the facilities are damaged, the elevator is closed, etc., you can promptly Dispose of
2. Check whether the fire exits are unblocked, whether the fire-fighting equipment is intact, whether the safety evacuation marks are conspicuous, correct, and whether there are hidden fire hazards;
3. During the renovation of the owner, check the public facilities and the decoration site, prevent the wall from being demolished and pull the wires in accordance with the decoration management regulations, and report to the property management center in time to prevent damage to the structure and fire. The patrol post shall be supervised during transportation to ensure that the doors and elevators of the building are not damaged;
4. The patrol records can be uploaded to the computer and patrol statistics and patrol information are established. The accidents and hidden dangers that may occur should be investigated and eliminated in the bud.

Product Introduction