Shanghaojia Food Workshop Intelligent Guard Patrol System

The most important thing for food inspection is quality control in the manufacturing process, and the most effective way of inspection is patrol. The JWM guard patrol system uses scientific methods to supervise the guadrs to various locations to record the safety status of equipment and facilities within a certain period of time. Through intelligent control and supervise the presence of guadrs, the factory area is patrolled in turn.


According to the actual inspection system of the factory area, the manager installs patrol points at each location or equipment that needs to be patrolled, and then sets the patrol point after sensing with the patrol machine to the name of the corresponding position through the electronic patrol system, and sets the patrol Point location, patrol time, period, and patrol inspector name are entered into the patrol system to make a patrol plan.
The security guard needs to hold the patrol reader to read the tag at each key point according to the patrol plan. The patrol reader automatically stores the tag reading location and time and uploads the data to the management center in real time. The patrol system automatically organizes the data into patrol reports for managers to view.

Product Model: WM-5000L4

WM-5000L4 patrol reader is an online patrol reader that integrates real-time transmission, voice prompts, and SOS alarms. The patrol reader adopts ABS engineering plastics, two-color integrated injection, the overall design is compact, all components and plates are fixed without screws. Beautiful appearance with outstanding physical and thermal performance. The military design is fully waterproof, anti-fall and shockproof. It can still work normally when it falls freely from a height of 30 meters. It is a truly robust induction patrol reader with three defenses.