Shanghai Donghu Property Guard Tour Solution

Location: Shanghai Donghu Property

Project Necessity

1. The main responsibility of security is to focus on prevention and prevent fires and criminal and public security cases. At the same time, we must do a good job in vehicle management, prevent illegal construction, maintain community order and serve good owners.
2. Security management directly reflects the image of property management, so duty security must have a high degree of responsibility, loyalty and other qualities.
3. Donghu Property has been using the traditional “Security Duty Patrol Record” to carry out security patrol records-easy to falsify, easy to destroy, not easy to retain, manual collation wasted time.


Donghu Property is based on high-end office management, taking into account high-end residential properties, public properties, commercial properties, government agency buildings, airports, tunnels, schools and other types of property industry. Whether it is a residential property, a non-residential property or a public property, security management is the most central part of property management.

Project Introduction

With the improvement of the owner’s demand for patrol quality, Donghu Property introduced the JWM Patrol Management System to carry out a leafless patrol of the locations and various types of equipment that need to be patrolled in each property park under the management of the company. By setting the patrol point for the designated location and setting the time and number of patrols required, the security guard is required to reach the designated position on time. Improving the quality of security patrols, eliminating laziness and violations of discipline, maintaining environmental order in the park, protecting the safety of various equipment, facilities and property, and giving owners a safe and comfortable living space.

Solve Problems

1. The system adopts induction card technology and wireless communication. It does not require contact. The induction card is better protected, it is not easy to be destroyed, and the maintenance cost is low. It is suitable for long-term use.
2. Implement 24-hour comprehensive monitoring of community security, vehicles, and fire protection conditions, and dispose of them in a timely manner in accordance with emergency plans. Strict implementation of the gate watch system, registration of foreign vehicles, command vehicles to park, timely diversion of vehicles, maintain the normal order of entrances and exits;
3. As required, patrols can ensure that key areas such as fire protection facilities, elevator room, pump room, distribution room, telephone room, water tank room, warehouse, finance, and office are patrolled. Once the facility is found to be damaged, the fire safety passage is blocked, and the elevator is closed, it can be disposed of in a timely manner.
4. The patrol record can be uploaded to the computer and the patrol statistics and the establishment of patrol information. The possible accidents and hidden dangers must be emphatically checked and eliminated in the embryonic state.

Product Introduction